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Good morning Team Freedom!!!  We are ALIVE! It has been a long while since I last posted and I am sincerely sorry for that. September was a very difficult month for our family and I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything inspirational. But I’m here now- ready to shout out from the rooftops how much I missed being here, and connecting with you all!

This will just be a short post today, because I am just returning home from a 4 day Nu Skin Convention and I have a lot of things I need to do with my kiddos before I dive right back into blogging, but I did want to say “hi”, tell you that I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack, and let you know how incredibly excited I am for the future of this blog and for TEAM FREEDOM.

My brain is on over-load, explosion mode right now- I can’t STOP talking about the things I saw this weekend, the people I met and how incredibly humble I feel to be a part of something as AMAZING as Nu Skin. It has (and will continue) to change my life and the life of our family! So, here’s to New “NU” beginnings, starting with new blog posts all about health and wellness and anti-aging and weight loss (OH MY GOSH – weight loss) I cannot stand it!! There’s been a CRAZE of people doing the R90 challenge…. they are losing weight, and LOVING life. I want to help others do it too.

ok, ok, I said this would be short- so there you go, I’ll be posting all week long, so drop me a line and let me know if you’re here with me! I love your notes and comments on these posts and I love knowing that there are people out there who I’m able to reach through the Team Freedom blog!

Lots and LOTs of love always,



Spa La la la la la……….

We have a LOT of fun over here with TEAM FREEDOM… So much fun that we can hardly call it working. But then we get paid, so… YAY!

One of my most favorite people in this whole wide world became a distributor last month and joined team freedom. Brit has been there for me through the toughest of times and the best of times! She was even a part of our wedding party. So I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her as my partner on this amazing journey! Welcome to Team Freedom Brittany! love you!

Here’s a few quick shots of our fun the other night with a bunch of ladies who were getting all beauty-fied and LOVING the results of the galvanic Spa demos!

We had the best time! I should have taken more pictures of the actual demos, haha I totally forgot! Laughed until literally our sides were hurting. Thanks to Bonnie and Brit for such a fun time! We love NU SKIN!

THINK about WHY you started


I saw this quote the other day, and I LOVED how it made me feel.

Things have been crazy around here lately. Crazy- good I should say. And I couldn’t be happier with the way life has taken off for our little family. But somethings just get overwhelming. You know? Like sometimes life gets in the way of living?

TOO deep for a Wednesday huh?

But this quote got me thinking about my WHY’s. Why do I decide to do the things I do?

I decided this year to change my health, and I’ve done that. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done- but WHY? I also own and operate my own network marketing business with my Hub and we love it… WHY?

When you own your own business, you get to call the shots. You decide when, where and with whom you like to work with! Thank goodness for the amazing people I have chosen, it makes “working”- really fun!

But it also comes with up days and down days. Just like everyone else out there.

I’ve been surprised by how many people have actually told me that they admire me for doing what I do. I hope that this isn’t read in the wrong way. Because I don’t want to sound like a total brag, but I’m 29 years old and I have successfully run 2 businesses (3 if you count my stylist career as an independent LLC company) + I feel like quite the little entrepreneur. ( i like fancy words) and to toot my own horn, I’ve run them ALL while being a wife and mother which as we know is the most difficult job on the planet! I feel pretty darn successful if I dare to say so.

Now, I love receiving constructive (not destructive) criticism about how I could do these things better, and I love learning from successful people. The hard days hit when it seems that everyone you’ve talked to has forgotten that THEY TOO could be successful. They forget how to dream. They can’t imagine themselves doing the things they want to do most. It’s not make believe. And NO- life is no fairytale. But when you decide to DO something with your life, whether its start a new career, decide to FINALLY lose the weight, or allow yourself to feel like it IS possible…. well then I’d say you’re already there.

BE BRAVE my friends. Be brave, and if you aren’t BRAVE enough yet… don’t judge others who are. Don’t belittle their efforts because you’re not doing the same things they are. Those people are defining their WHY. And really- we don’t have any reason to question that.

I have had experience with people not believing in me (thank heavens it wasn’t anyone very close to me, otherwise it might have stung a little bit more) people are going to have their opinions. Most of them should keep them to themselves. But as long as YOU know who you are, and where you’re going and you don’t let anything stand in your way- You’ve already proved to be stronger than the people who are watching you do it.

“when you feel like quitting, remember WHY you started in the first place”.

You can do this. You CAN do hard things. It IS worth the work and the effort (and sometimes the tears)

Team Freedom is a place where you can feel loved and supported. We are pretty good cheerleaders (minus the pom poms) 🙂 I have many readers here that are struggling with weight loss and the pains of wanting to just give up and go back to their un-healthy ways. I have business partners who are struggling to grow their businesses, and if anyone knows about that- it’s me and Mark. We really, honestly want the best for every person. I know how crazy that sounds, trust me. I want good things even for the people who talk smack about me. I want them to be happy. Because if there were happier people in this world, there would be less negativity. And that would make everyone happy. 🙂

Ok, there’s my little rant for the day! I am grateful to all of my readers. I know there are people being touched by these posts. I don’t even care that you don’t leave a comment. Just know that I love you and hope that you’re on your journey finding out your WHY. It’s going to be lifelong- trust me, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Do NOT quit. You’re worth it!


Nu Skin North American Convention

In October, Mark and I are excited to take our team to Utah to be at Nu Skin’s No. American Convention. The weekend promises to be an amazing one- filled with inspirational speakers and tons of FUN! We are so excited. One of the speakers will be Aaron Ralston. who has the most incredible story of strength. Can’t wait to hear him speak! Come with us! You won’t be sad you did!! We already getting excited 🙂

Have a happy Monday Freedom friends. I’m already up and at em… the day has begun! Come back for more posts this week and another guest blogger who will share their weight loss story! Love!!

glacial mud.


My Favorite treatment, for “me” time. 🙂

If you have the need to de-stress, relax, take a load off and have pretty skin at the same time…. you should totally use what I use. Last week was a doozy. Between being out in the summer sun, wearing lots of sunscreen- of course, and indulging in some not-so-oh-so-healthy treats, I really felt like my skin needed a little pick me up.

Glacial Marine MUD to the rescue! I love this green stuff. It makes me feel like those girls you see in the movies with cucumbers on their eyes, laying near the pool in their towels. Haha..

Here’s what Epoc Glacial Marine Mud will do for your skin: Extract impurities, removes dead skin cells, and rejuvenate damaged skin. Holla! What else do you need to know?


Maybe how to get your mittens on some? Ok, no prob! Here you go:

Make sure if you order you use this Distributor ID to get the best deal: USW8926054


So go gather your girls, pick a chick flick and smother on some Glacial Mud, it’ll be amazing! Invite me too! I’ll be there with bells on!




I’ve been asked lately about some of my favorite products that my company produces. And so, I decided that little by little I wanted to begin sharing them with you all here on the blog. My favorite product line by far is called ageLOC. The name is so perfect.

This premier anti-aging line of products is taking the world by storm. People are becoming more aware of how their skin ages, everyday. And some would ask, “But Mariah, you’re in your twenties, why on earth do you need anti-aging?” And this is my answer.

While I realize that being 28 years old does not qualify me to be concerned about aging, I am concerned about the amount of damage control I will have to do in the future. I’ve decided to make smarter choices NOW, so that years from now- I won’t have to try and back peddle. AgeLoc is my (not so secret) secret weapon. I use this in conjunction with my Galvanic Spa (blog post coming soon on that baby, she gets her own spotlight) and I LOVE my skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You will love it too! Remember that these products are backed by science. Only the best ingredients are used to formulate the most luxurious products you’ve ever owned. Read below to find out more. And then, because I know you will want to, please contact me for more information about becoming a customer.





Aging is inevitable and as long as there is free will, people will fight it.  Youth is coveted in our society and looking and feeling youthful is something that money can buy.  With so many options out there it is hard to choose.  Let me show you why these products areleading and cutting edge technology.  It is time to transform yourself into the new youthful you!

What is Transformation

The studies are in! With ageLoc Transformation you will see results and daily work your way to a more youthful you. ageLoc targets the ultimate source of aging and resets youth gene clusters back to a more youthful pattern of activity. Transformation is the total package, featuring these product to achive maximum results.ageLoc Gentle Cleanse & Tone- cleanses, purifies, replenishes and hydrates skin, while preparing it to receive advanced anti – aging ingredients, leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and youthful.

ageLoc Radiant Day SPF 22 – lightweight, daily use emulsion that hydrates the skin and fortifies against signs of aging while skin brightening ingredients deliver visibly brighter, more radiant skin. This silky smooth formula also protects against sundamage with SPF 22 stimulates youthful cell renewal for a smother, softer texture and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

ageLoc Transforming Night – ultra-mild ingredients mimic the skin’s own structure working with the skin’s natural nighttime renewal process so you wake to glowing , supple youthful looking skin. Specially formulated to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores, this premium night cream reduces sensitivity while replenishing the skin’s natural moisture-binding ability for deep hydration.

Galvanic Spa ll System and Products – the programmable Galvanic Spa Instrument with patented self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable heads works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate the transport of key ingredients for optimal performance: Galvanic Spa Facial Gels with ageLoc restore skin’s natural vibrancy by removing impurities, while delivering targeted ageLoc ingredients; Tru Face Line Corrector helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel helps reduce the appearance of cellulite; Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment helps revitalize and promote healthy, abundant looking hair.

The benefits are abundantly clear:

– ageLoc targets the ultimate sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging.

– ageLoc Transformation delivers unsurpassed anti-aging benefits and is clinically proven to improve skin in eight significant ways:

– Promote youthful skin structure- patent- pending ingredient technology stimulates collagen production and reduces MMP production (MMP’s destroy skin structure)

– Smooth texture – contains ingredients proven to stimulate youthful cell renewal for smoother, softer skin you can feel.

– Even skin tone – by reducing the appearance of blotchy, dull, and uneven skin for a smooth, youthful look.

– Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

– Increase skin radiance- with skin brightening technology.

– Reduce the appearance of pores- through youthful cell turnover

– Reduce discoloration – brightening technology interrupts unwanted melanin production the skin for a reduction in spots of discoloration.

– Increase hydration – by stimulating hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing compound found naturally in the skin.

The subjects testing these products in just as little as 7 days noticed drastic results and after 12 weeks a complete change in all around skin results.

Aging is inevi…

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When Dreams and Reality Meet

This is the first of a short series of videos created by Kevin Caroll and a production team. It is about dreaming. Reaching for your goals and making your life exactly what YOU want it to be. I LOVE this video, and the 3 that follow it. I’ll be posting them consecutively so you can love them too.


Limited offer! True Face Ideal Eyes.


Hey Freedomers!

I’m super excited to share one of Nu Skin’s most amazing products with you today! It’s my Mom’s FAVORITE product, and that says A LOT. She LOVES Nu Skin products.

Without getting too deep into product knowledge, I’ll give you the run down on the two products being offered this weekend! It’s an amazing deal and that’s why I decided to post it on the blog today.

Tru Face IdealEyes

Transforms your sensitive under eye area from dark, puffy, and aged to radiant, firm, and youthful.

Here’s my mom’s testimony of Ideal Eyes: “I have very thin skin under my eye area and when I’m tired, it shows! True Face Ideal eyes has dramatically changed the appearance of puffiness and circles under my eyes. It makes me look more awake and I love that!!” 

This weekend, when you purchase 1 True Face Ideal Eyes ($40) You’ll get Intensive Eye complex for FREE!!!! WHoop whoop!! I love free..

I know I’m getting some.

Intensive Eye Complex is a moisturizer especially formulated for the sensitive skin around the eye area. (regular price is $36)

So scoop up your Ideal eyes and score your Intensive Eye Complex for free. Your peepers will pop and you’ll be so glad you did!!

Go here to order:

or contact me directly and I’ll help you out!

Offer good until Sunday June 24, 2012


me and my pretty mama 🙂 Don’t you want to look like her? I do!

June 2012 Leadership Summit

GOOD MORNING again Team Freedom,

We’ve been having some tech difficulties lately- but we’re hoping everything is on the mend and that we’ll be back up and running today. I am so excited to share all that we’ve been doing the past week or so. It seems like all the hard work we’ve put into our business is now coming to a pivotal point. People are wondering what in the world we do, who we are and how they can be involved- and we LOVE it.

First and foremost I have to congratulate the man of the hour, my sweetie, Mark Baddas for being named the Redesign in 90 Challenge winner at the Nu Skin Leadership Success Summit this weekend in UT!!! I tell you, I could not be more proud of Mark. He has worked so hard to change his health. And I could not be more proud to tell you that this because of Nu Skin, and Pharmanex products that he was able to do it. 

Mark is absolutely a changed man. He feels better now- than he ever has before, that says a lot because Mark is a former marathoner and endurance athlete. We were asked by Nu Skin to submit a video story about Mark’s journey. Here’s a link to his story if you would like to watch it:

This past weekend has been incredible. As you know, I’ve lost weight myself through the R90 program and Mark and I were so excited to be asked to tell our stories along with another couple who has lost significant weight! We spoke in front of thousands of people and shared with them our results. The company also announced their new campaign and they unveiled the website, and guess what?

It’s Me! Ahhhhhh! I screamed in our hotel room! Did I mention Nu Skin is a GLOBAL company? My photo will be seen in China, Germany, Vietnam and 50 other countries? What the what?

On the morning of the general session, Mark was named the winner of the very first Redesign in 90 Challenge!!! His transformation (among SO many other participants) was so incredible that the company recognized him and gave him the prize! We LOVE Nu Skin. We love everything about the company we are partnered with.  Have you ever felt like you were part of something much, MUCH bigger than you are? That is how we feel with Nu Skin. We are in prime position to inspire others to know more about how amazing our lives have become because of our partnership.

Here’s Mark going up on the BIG summit stage to receive his check! WHOOOOOOOP!

He was presented by the President of Nu Skin, Scott Schwerdt.

We kept finding banners with our before and after pictures all over the convention.. And we laughed every time! We’re totally celebrities 🙂 Just kidding. We were excited to take pictures with other distributors who congratulated us on our success.

Here we are with the other winners, Ranae and Steve Boyer. We are good buds now- after spending the entire weekend together! Ranae lost 71 lbs with R90 and Steve (an executive chef) lost a whopping 81 lbs. AMAZING!

We have the most amazing friends that we get to work next to, we LOVE having people who believe in our dreams just as much as we do! You know, it makes sense that so many young couples are getting involved in our business and what more could you ask for than to work along side your spouse? We are excited to work our way to the top with our friends and family and cannot wait to share it with others.

Nu Skin closed down an entire street for a corporate STREET PARTY on Friday night. There were vendors making free food and live bands playing music. We brought our girlies to partake in the fun! We love being able to work and have our kids be with us all of the time. Nu Skin is family friendly..

Both Mark and I were invited to an exclusive photo shoot for the R90 Challenge. I felt so weird because I’m usually the one behind the camera, but we had fun!

P.S. Mark had to wear makeup 🙂

Well that about wraps up our Summit weekend experience. Now it’s back to work. Back to working out (yay!) and back to getting to live our lives the way WE choose. Did I say how happy we are? We’re HAPPY!! Come back tomorrow because I have some more videos and photos to share!

Mark’s Final Transformation

My 90 days are complete! I’ve lost 51 lbs. and Redesigned my life!!! This past weekend I was recognized as the Redesign in 90 Weight Management Challenge Winner by our company, Nu Skin Enterprises. My transformation was recognized among hundreds of other worthy participants. I am humbled and honored to be a part of something so amazing and I look forward to continue helping others reach their goals. Here are a few things you should know:

Prior to this challenge I:
– Was diagnosed with pre-diabetes
– Suffered from frequent migraines
– took medication for depression
– had little to no energy to enjoy life with my family

Every single one of these challenges has been eliminated and are no longer an obstacle in my life.

I was able to lose the weight in 90 days because I committed to following the plan with exactness. I didn’t cheat or give up when it was hard.

I learned right away that my results are not just from exercise, but mainly from eating right and having a system to follow like R90.

I exercised regularly without ever having to step foot in a gym.

I feel fantastic. I know that because of this program I have literally added years to my life. I went from an internal body age of 50 years old to 30 years old in 90 days! I can now enjoy my family and know that I will never let myself be that unhealthy again. If I can do this anyone can do this! You are worth it. You owe it to yourself. So let me show you how. What do you have to lose?

Thank you all for your encouraging words as I have been on this journey. I am grateful for such an amazing wife, family and positive support system. You have all truly blessed my life.

So here is my Before and After photo:

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