It’s Christmas every month around here+ How to use a Nu Skin ADR


Getting packages in the mail EVERY month from Nu Skin is my favorite thing….Let me tell you about it!

Every month on the day that we choose- we are able to place an order for products that we need/use or want to try for the first time from Nu Skin.

The order ships and since it’s an ADR (or Automatic Delivery Reward- more on this in a minute) it only costs $8 and it comes in a few days.

I LOVE my ADR orders!

The happy UPS or USPS man brings it to my door and drops off packages of goodies for me and my family.

Sometimes it’s vitamins.

Sometimes its demo products I need to use at spa parties.

Sometimes I want to try something that just came out.

But it’s ALWAYS fun!

My girls and I open the boxes very carefully, and just for kicks, we do a little dance and open everything up together.

This month I needed to replenish some of FAVORITE products and I thought I’d take a second and share them with you here!

They’re kind of hard to see, but I love everyone of them!

The Epoch line created by Nu Skin is a Natural ingredient based line of products. I.LOVE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Ice Dancer/Firewalker is Epoch’s natural version of “icey-hot”…. perfect for my sore legs while I’m training for my Half Marathon.

AP Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash. omg. LOVE. I have an obsession with white teeth, and these help my pearly whites sparkle!

NaPCA Moisturizer. Best moisturizer for daily use. It’s light and airy- no thick goop for MY skin!

And some other products that can’t really be seen here!

I am going to do a review of the Nu Skin/ NU COLOR tinted moisturizer, haven’t used that one yet! I’ll let you know!

Ok, now to talk about the ADR.

Here’s a little about what the ADR program does for YOU as a customer. Currently, I have several ADR customers who LOVE the automatic delivery, they just pick out products on Nu Skin’s website, save them as an ADR, and badda-bing, they get them delivered to their door! Theres ZERO risk, no membership fee or cancellation penalties.



 Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you sign-up for ADR:


  1. Products come to your doorstep every month
  2. Receive discounts on product price
  3. Manage your account online 24/7
  4. Earn product points with each monthly delivery

Every time you place an ADR order for more than $50 you recieve 20% back in “Rewards Points” that you can use just like money when making future purchases… coolest thing ever right? When was the last time you got free product from your face wash company?? Yeah- thought so!

So let’s do this thing! Who wants to be in on a new ADR with Nu Skin! You will not regret it! Let me help you out!

Have a happy Friday everyone! It’s going to be blazin hot here today, so we’re taking it one hour at a time!







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