We are excited to welcome you and share this amazing blog with friends and family.

The last several months have been incredibly insightful and extremely humbling as we have built our family business and have begun the process of sharing it with the world. This will be a place for us to document our adventures as Nu Skin Executives and also a place where our TEAM of amazing leaders and loyal consumers can come to see what in the world we are up to! 🙂 Thank you for being here.

Please don’t hesitate to comment below and ask questions. We love questions. And we love people. Whether or not we know you personally, we thank you for being here.

And so…. without any further adieu,  ladies and gents, let me welcome you to Team Freedom!

Welcome to the Team Freedom blog


Force for Good

I feel very honored to bring to you an amazing opportunity today. I love Nu Skin. And I love that I’m partnered with a company that encourages us to “Be a force for GOOD” in this world. That is why I think it’s awesome that for the next 2 weeks I have the chance to do just that, Be a force for GOOD.

From now until November 30th we have the chance to serve our fellow Americans and donate bags of VitaMeal, a nutrient rich meal supplement to those who have been devastated by Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast.

VitaMeal was developed to feed the starving and malnourished. It has (and will) help hundreds of thousands of people.

Right now, for every 2 bags donated ($47 and tax deductible), Nu Skin/Force for Good Foundation will donate an additional bag. 

We HAVE To help Team Freedomers. It’s nearly Thanksgiving and we are so blessed and fortunate to have the things that we have. This is our opportunity to serve others. This is more than just selling a product, in fact- it’s not about that in the least. This is about compassion and action. This is about being of service and paying it forward.

Please join me and my Team as we become a Force for GOOD.

Please contact me immediately either by email  mariahbaddas@gmail.com or http://www.facebook.com/mariahbaddas to contribute.  And if you should know anyone else who would be interested in this cause, please forward this post to them.

Thank you all for your continued support- I love that you are here.

To the victims of Sandy, please know that my family’s thoughts and prayers are with you. And I am deeply sorry for any loved ones lost.

All my Best,


A goal worth while + what to expect when you’re running your first HALF MARATHON

HELLO my friends! the Team freedom blog has been at such a standstill- but I promise its all for good reason! I’ve spent the last week, recovering from our half marathon, which by the way was AMAZING! and I’m super excited to post the story about it here today. How are you all? I hope you’re doing well- I’ve missed you. IT’s totally NOVEMBER….

Well, my goal this year as many of you know was to complete a HALF MARATHON (ps I’ve decided to write it all in caps every time I say it in this post haha- you know- for effect)

and it’s DONE. Mark and I decided to register for the Saints and Sinners HALF MARATHON and it was SO MUCH FUN! I had first heard of this race from my sweet friend Megan, you can read about her running story here on the TF blog… I’ll post it below 🙂 So Megan asked us if we wanted to run it- and I hemmed and haw’d a bit before actually registering. But once I did, it was GAME ON.

The race was in Henderson, Nevada- just east of Las Vegas… about a 5 hour drive out for us. ROAD TRIP TIME! We kissed out kiddos goodbye and left them with my parents and set off on Friday afternoon for our little (BIG) adventure. We hit some major nasty traffic, blech, and made it to NV about 2 hours later then planned.  No big- Mark and I went on a romantic shopping trip to Super Target (sigh) and to the market to buy something for breakfast for race day!

Saturday morning came, and I was UP at 4:30am- I was so freaking excited, I couldn’t wait. Also- I was so nervous, I thought I might puke…. We drove about 20 minutes to where the race began and met up with our besties Megan and Scott, and their family. We were frozen…. When you think of the desert in October- what do you think of? I didn’t think cold. But I was frozen.

Megan and I tried to snuggle together to keep warm.

We met some fun people who were running a HALF MARATHON for the first time too! That felt better…And then, it was time!

There was a gun start and a chip timer attached to our bib numbers…

so when it went off I was SO EXCITED! Mark keep telling me to “take it easy” and “don’t rush it too much”so I tried to not go too fast.

And then..

mile after mile- we ran. Like the wind. 

I finished a 10K without really thinking about it, and without walking. WHAT the? That’s never happened before…

And then we hit the incline. And the loose gravel/dirt road that we were supposed to run on for 4.4 miles. ha. ouch. owie. broken ankles (ok- not really, but they hurt so bad)

The event photog was at the top of the tunnels that we were running though, and I wanted him to get a good shot- so I sucked it up, stood up as straight as I could and blew by him, hoping he would snap a shot that was blog-worthy. Not so much.

But on the way back down, we stopped to 2 seconds for him to shoot this one of Mark and I…

yeah, those are old abandoned train tunnels we ran though! Hard core, right? 

The last two miles were heaven and hell. Seriously- I was so done.

I kept threatening to cry, and Mark would just hold my hand and say “i am SO proud of you, you’ve been working on this for so long, don’t give up now”… and that worked.

At the very last mile, we came up to these two runners that we had seen at the starting line. They were wearing Halloween costumes, which was allowed by the race staff, although- the girls’ costume was kinda questionable in my opinion. A little too much backside showing….

I was not going to finish MY race behind her.

So I dug down, so deep- thought nothing about how bad my ankles were hurting. I didn’t think about anything else but running. FAST. Kicked that girl in the hoochie costume’s trash. Yep.

And the nest thing I knew, we were crossing the finish line!!!! Sweet glory. It was all done. 


Here are the rockstar Tanners!!! I want to be fast like them!! 🙂



Now- here’s the stuff that you don’t know before running a HALF:

it’s far.

haha. ok that was dumb.

-It’s a lot farther than you think! The next time you get in the car to run errands around town, clock your miles- I bet you on an average day, you don’t drive 13 miles to get to where you wanna go. It’s an awesome distance. And yes, for now- that’s the farthest I’ll be going in a race. I’m only HALF CRAZY.

-They tell you not to sit down just after you finish your race, something about your muscles cramping… I dunno because I felt like I was going to become leg-less if I didn’t sit down. The surges of shocks running through my calves and thighs was incredible. (it’s only been a week- I still remember) They give you chocolate milk to help with muscle cramps, genius. I love chocolate milk. And I downed 3 of them.

-But nothing will prepare you for the next day.


After the race:

This was me after we got back to our hotel. 

All I wanted to do was curl up and fall asleep. I think my brain was overloaded.

I just did it. I just ran a HALF MARATHON. and I’m alive!!!! I’m an athlete!!! I used to HATE running, and I DID IT. I. FREAKING. DID. IT!!

Mark let me sleep for a few (ok 4 hours) and then, I woke up and we got dressed up to go out and celebrate the victory won!

We headed to the Las Vegas strip and were so excited to try the AMAZING buffet (that was recommended to use by several people) at the Aria hotel. We got all the way there, starving… and….. it’s closed for construction. 

really? really? I was about to eat my own arm off.


So next we took the awesome little tram thingy to the Bellagio.

Made a Bee-line to the buffet and ate and ate and ATE. I was so happy after that. Food will do that for you.

I also realized after I calculated the race, that I burned something like 1800 calories. shut the front door… that’s more than I eat in a day, so you know I was excited for that buffet!

Sunday Morning:

Woke up- excited to get home and be with our girls. I stepped out of the bed and the moment I did, I realized that my body hated me.

My legs, stomach, bum and feet were SO mad at what I had put them through- and they were not going to let me forget it.

Not even my beloved BIOfreeze could help. 

So we schlept our stuff to the car, and made the trek home. Thank goodness for Mark because he’s an amazing traveler and driver (among other things) but he just let me relax the entire time. I’ve never been that sore in my life- but it was the kind of sore that reminds you just how awesome you are…and what you just accomplished. 🙂 yesssssssss.

How was it? Amazing?

Will I do it again? Yes- even though half way through the race I declared that I would never do it again… I’ve changed my mind.

Do I recommend running a HALF MARATHON to anyone? Sure! Don’t laugh- I was seriously the girl that would fake an illness to get out of running in P.E as a kid. If I can do this- anyone can do it. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s rewarding. But you can’t feel that unless you try.

You won’t know unless you let it all go and push yourself.

You are stronger than you think!

Thank you to everyone for their support this year. When I first decided to make my goal at the beginning of the year, I think I doubted myself- a lot. And I know that there were ups and downs, but ultimately, I overcame them and it was because of all of you! Especially Mark. Thank you hub. I cannot thank you enough- You’re my hero, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! Thank you to our little girlies. When I felt weak, Mark would say “imagine the girls waiting for you at the finish line” and it would make me stronger. I want my children to be proud of who I am. I want them to know that they can do ANYTHING.

Thanks all. I love you!

Let’s race…..

on the road…8 years of marriage and 13.1

Hi team freedom!!!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! And it’s not over yet 🙂 Mark and I are packing up our stuff and headed out to Nevada this afternoon for our HALF MARATHON tomorrow. I can’t believe I just typed that. 

I’ve been “training” off and on all year long and the time has finally come! We just celebrated our wedding anniversary this week and we decided that NOW would be a great time to run 13.1 miles together. hahah! I’ll be sure to post pictures and my “post marathon” experience as soon as we get home on Sunday! Thank you to all of you for you love and support as I have been working on the personal goal of mine for the last 10 months…

It’s going to be an amazing weekend. 

let’s go!





October 2012 Nu Skin America’s Convention Highlights

OH MAN- just watching this makes me want to be back there! I loved every minute of this amazing weekend. Here’s the pilot post for what will probably be MANY posts to comet this week!

PS. If you pause a 4:04…. you may see me on the grand stage for a few seconds…. Pretty stinkin cool. 🙂

Who wants to come to the next event with us? It’s at Disneyland….YESSSSSSSSSSSS.


Good morning Team Freedom!!!  We are ALIVE! It has been a long while since I last posted and I am sincerely sorry for that. September was a very difficult month for our family and I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything inspirational. But I’m here now- ready to shout out from the rooftops how much I missed being here, and connecting with you all!

This will just be a short post today, because I am just returning home from a 4 day Nu Skin Convention and I have a lot of things I need to do with my kiddos before I dive right back into blogging, but I did want to say “hi”, tell you that I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack, and let you know how incredibly excited I am for the future of this blog and for TEAM FREEDOM.

My brain is on over-load, explosion mode right now- I can’t STOP talking about the things I saw this weekend, the people I met and how incredibly humble I feel to be a part of something as AMAZING as Nu Skin. It has (and will continue) to change my life and the life of our family! So, here’s to New “NU” beginnings, starting with new blog posts all about health and wellness and anti-aging and weight loss (OH MY GOSH – weight loss) I cannot stand it!! There’s been a CRAZE of people doing the R90 challenge…. they are losing weight, and LOVING life. I want to help others do it too.

ok, ok, I said this would be short- so there you go, I’ll be posting all week long, so drop me a line and let me know if you’re here with me! I love your notes and comments on these posts and I love knowing that there are people out there who I’m able to reach through the Team Freedom blog!

Lots and LOTs of love always,



Blog post originally written for the Skinny Taste blog.
It’s that TIME again! back to school time!
If you’re like me at all, you don’t want to send your kids to school to buy yucky hot lunches and sugar coated lunches are a def. NO. Here’s some amazing ideas created by Gina over at the Skinny taste blog. These look like so much fun for little ones. Or big ones. Heck, make some finger foods for yourself- who cares!
Enjoy!! And happy Lunching.

Use the foods they like, cut them into fun shapes and put it on a stick!

For teens skewers would work fine, but for younger kids I would use coffee stirrers,popsicle sticks, toothpicks or even mini straws. Here are some ideas that both my toddler and teen loved. I pack an ice pack in the lunch box so the food stays cool.

Mini Caprese Skewers

Grape tomatoes and mini mozzarella balls layered on a stick. If you cut the tomatoes in half diagonally they look like small hearts. For older kids add basil in between the tomatoes and pack a small container of balsamic vinaigrette.

Mini Shrimp, Tomato and Cucumber Skewers

My toddler recently discovered she loves shrimp. These mini skewers are made with all her favorite foods. Use a cookie cutter for the cucumbers and you won’t have to even peel them! If you want to make these for adults, add some feta cheese and olives and turn them into cute Greek Salad Skewers! Buttermilk Ranch Dressing is perfect for dipping.

Mini Ham, Cheese and Tomato Skewers

It’s almost like a chef’s salad on a stick. You could use turkey and whatever cheese your children enjoy. Pack a roll or some crackers on the side.

Mini Fruit Kabobs

Layer seasonal fruit on a stick and I’m sure they’ll eat it. Choose fruit that doesn’t brown easily such as berries and grapes. Yogurt makes the perfect fruit dip.

Hey Moms and Dads, if you’re a parent like me you’re probably busy buying lunchboxes and backpacks to get the kids ready for school. It’s hard to believe summer’s almost over, I feel like it just started!

My toddler is starting preschool this September, and I have been coming up with creative ways to make lunch healthy, fun and delicious.

This is my first sponsored post, but a topic I can really relate to. With a toddler about to start preschool I couldn’t pass this up. When cooking for kids, my focus is always on healthy rather than skinny.

My teen is now in college, so I have plenty of experience packing lunch as I spent a little over 12 years doing it. My teen was as picky as they come, so I had to get creative with her. My strategy is to get the kids involved, make it fun and I bet they’ll eat it! Here are a few ideas that worked for me…

Take The Kids Shopping With You

When you involve your kids in the lunch-making process, chances are pretty good they will eat what they find in their lunchbox.

My toddler loves the supermarket and I enjoy bringing her along. She helps me pick out the fruits and vegetables she likes and I make it a positive experience for both of us. Pictured above she is helping me pick out the nuts and dried fruit to use in our trail mix recipe (recipe below).

Get the Kids Involved in the Kitchen

If they make it, they will eat it – let them help!

I’m obsessed with sandwich cutters, aren’t they fun? They come in all sorts of fun shapes such as butterflies, hearts, dinosaurs, dolphins and more but you can even use cookie cutters and get the kids to help.

Pack Lots of Healthy Snacks

Snacks are by far my kids’ favorite part about lunch, they love variety so I pack lots of stuff. Every child is different so pack the foods your kids enjoy, here are some ideas:

  • Fruit and veggies cut-out in fun shapes
  • Grape tomatoes with little toothpicks
  • Baby carrots
  • Pretzels and hummus
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Baked tortilla chips and salsa
  • Mini homemade muffins
  • Homemade granola bars
  • Trail mix (recipe below)

And finally a recipe even the kids can make! Instead of packing chips, make some trail mix. It’s a great snack for kids or adults which can be modified to suit anyone’s taste. Use whatever combination of dried fruit and nuts your kids enjoy and you can even add some granola, yogurt raisins, pretzels, cereal or chocolate to the mix.





Wise words by a wise woman.

Happy Monday Team Freedom! How are you all doing? I hope this weekend was amazing for everyone. I am so ready to be done with HEAT. and Summer. Bring on FALL…. I’m ready!

I wanted to share a quick message this morning about “enjoying the journey” – mostly because I really need to remind myself that I need to slow things down, enjoy the smallest of moments and not worry too much about what I have to do in the future (or even tomorrow).

Today is the first day of school for a lot of my friends’ children- and a lot of us are all wrapped up in the craze of “back to school”.. Our little Miss S is even starting Kindergarten next week. I’m so blessed to be able to spend my days with these girls. I’m so grateful that I GET to be their mom. I need to stop worrying about how immaculate the house is (it’s not) and how perfect my blog is (obviously- not perfect 🙂 and spend more time enjoying the little-ness of my littles. That’s why I stay home. They are the reason why I don’t want a normal J.O.B. ever again. And thanks to Nu Skin. I won’t ever need one.

Enjoy TODAY my friends. Do something that makes you smile! And try not to worry. 🙂 Lots of love to you! If I’m kinda absent on the blog this week, it’s because I’m spending my days making sand castles, blowing bubbles, or swimming at the pool…. you know, school starts next week..


SUN BURN Relief?? YES.. I can help


(that’s ouch in every language…yep.)

You know you’ve been there. You thought you were covered sunscreen wise- and then BAM… you get back to your hotel and WHOA NELLY you got sunburned SO bad!


I won’t even tell you about the time that I got burned SO badly that I could lay on my back for a week. DUMB.

BUT there is an amazing solution! It’s called Enhancer

And it’s AMAZING!!!!

Nu Skin’s Enhancer is a gel moisturizer that cools and calms “angry skin”

I’ve used it on everything from bug bites to sunburns, even diaper rash on my littles.


did I say that already?

 I mean it! I love it so much!!

It can be used daily as an aftershave/moisturizer for the guys in your life or you can use it yourself as a cooling minty feeling aftershave on your legs.

No stickiness (like Aloe vera) no greasiness (like vaseline)

only Perfection.

Guess what’s even more perfect? Yep, the price.



Get some. From me. Right. NOW.

That is all!

Sunbathe safely my friends. It’s really important! And please contact me if you’d like to order some Enhancer!

lots of love always,






Sometimes, when I feel like I just can’t keep going on the way I do, I think about this little quote and smile. I am pretty crazy. My life isn’t perfect- I have up days and down days just like everyone else. If I can always remember to stay positive- STAY CRAY-CRAY… it’s all gonna be ok.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Who doesn’t love a Tuesday? It’s not a Monday for heavens sake, and it’s def not a Friday… but Tuesday is just plain great! I plan on spending the day with my girls, doing some work on the computer, and beating this muggy August swamp heat we’re experiencing. 🙂 What are you doing today? No really! I want to know!




It’s Christmas every month around here+ How to use a Nu Skin ADR


Getting packages in the mail EVERY month from Nu Skin is my favorite thing….Let me tell you about it!

Every month on the day that we choose- we are able to place an order for products that we need/use or want to try for the first time from Nu Skin.

The order ships and since it’s an ADR (or Automatic Delivery Reward- more on this in a minute) it only costs $8 and it comes in a few days.

I LOVE my ADR orders!

The happy UPS or USPS man brings it to my door and drops off packages of goodies for me and my family.

Sometimes it’s vitamins.

Sometimes its demo products I need to use at spa parties.

Sometimes I want to try something that just came out.

But it’s ALWAYS fun!

My girls and I open the boxes very carefully, and just for kicks, we do a little dance and open everything up together.

This month I needed to replenish some of FAVORITE products and I thought I’d take a second and share them with you here!

They’re kind of hard to see, but I love everyone of them!

The Epoch line created by Nu Skin is a Natural ingredient based line of products. I.LOVE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Ice Dancer/Firewalker is Epoch’s natural version of “icey-hot”…. perfect for my sore legs while I’m training for my Half Marathon.

AP Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash. omg. LOVE. I have an obsession with white teeth, and these help my pearly whites sparkle!

NaPCA Moisturizer. Best moisturizer for daily use. It’s light and airy- no thick goop for MY skin!

And some other products that can’t really be seen here!

I am going to do a review of the Nu Skin/ NU COLOR tinted moisturizer, haven’t used that one yet! I’ll let you know!

Ok, now to talk about the ADR.

Here’s a little about what the ADR program does for YOU as a customer. Currently, I have several ADR customers who LOVE the automatic delivery, they just pick out products on Nu Skin’s website, save them as an ADR, and badda-bing, they get them delivered to their door! Theres ZERO risk, no membership fee or cancellation penalties.



 Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you sign-up for ADR:


  1. Products come to your doorstep every month
  2. Receive discounts on product price
  3. Manage your account online 24/7
  4. Earn product points with each monthly delivery

Every time you place an ADR order for more than $50 you recieve 20% back in “Rewards Points” that you can use just like money when making future purchases… coolest thing ever right? When was the last time you got free product from your face wash company?? Yeah- thought so!

So let’s do this thing! Who wants to be in on a new ADR with Nu Skin! You will not regret it! Let me help you out!

Have a happy Friday everyone! It’s going to be blazin hot here today, so we’re taking it one hour at a time!






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